ASi cross platform app


Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI) is a membership-based organization of Seventh-day Adventist laypeople who are enthusiastic about actively participating in the church’s worldwide mission.


Having created the ASi official app the last 2 years the Agible team was asked to update the app in a short time frame and connect it to the new backend web service that ASi created under consultation with Agible. With only a 30 day window to utilize the new JSON web service in the iOS and Android apps and test the integration the pressure was on.


Utilizing Titanium SDK and the Chariti mobile framework Agible was up to the challenge. 2-3 weeks of round the clock development paid off. Thanks to previous app work that Agible’s team had done some of the screens in ASi’s new app were easily created. While other screens presented their challenges due to the new JSON fields in the end the main functionality made it into the official released version.

The Result

A cross platform and multi-form app that was submitted and accepted by the app stores in time for the ASi International Convention. While a few features had to be dropped to make the app submission deadline the feedback was positive for this year’s new apps.

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